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IOF Timing and Punching System Report

To monitor the quality of timing and punching processes, the IT Commission wants to collect information and statistics about the systems in use in orienteering today.

The aim is to detect any recurring problems, enhance guidelines and educational material and base future directions and decisions on facts.

As we do not want to increase the reporting workload of the organiser, the form is quite short and to the point.

We ask you to fill in the fields that are relevant for your competition, and if you had any particular difficulties, feel free to elaborate in detail in the comment part. Please read through the form before starting to fill in, because it’s not possible to change anything after submission.

IOF Timing and Punching System Report form (online submission)

Should you have any questions regarding the form, please direct them to Henning Spjelkavik, henning(-at-)

IOF Timing and Punching Report Form (Word)

Organiser’s Report

Currently, there are no other templates for organisers’ reports available. WOC Guidelines gives instructions for Organisers’ reports from the World Championships (WOC), which can also be applied for other IOF Events:

Within three weeks after the event, the Organiser shall send a short report to the Senior Event Adviser (SEA) along with complete results lists. The SEA and Organiser should agree in advance what will be required in order to help the SEA write the SEA report. Another set of results lists, together with 2 complete sets of maps with courses, needs to be sent to the IOF Secretariat immediately after WOC. Note that the maps should be ‘hard copy’ maps (not just electronic versions).

The IOF SEA submits an official report to IOF no more than 4 weeks after the event (Rule 32.2) which will include the following points:

• a short description of the work
• an opinion about the event in all respects
• problems, weak and strong points
• complaints and protests and their decision
• ideas and suggestions

Rule 32.5 lists the items which must be submitted to IOF no more than 6 months after the event. It is customary to attach a comprehensive report covering all aspects of the nation’s experiences in hosting WOC.

The Organisers are free to decide the contents of this report. It is not necessary to include information which can be taken from the Bulletins, from the start lists or from the result lists.

Possible points of interest for the Organisers’ report are:

• New ideas or practices used: description and evaluation
• Problems and difficulties encountered: description and evaluation
• Organisational structure and staffing levels – before and at WOC
• Areas where the workload was greater than anticipated
• Technical matters – e.g. arena design, materials used, IT and tracking experience etc.
• Comments about the process and timelines of map making
• Comments about aspects of course planning, e.g. ‘butterflies’, forking in the Relay
• Number, function and country of the media representatives
• Experience with the media
• Presentation of the event in the media (before, during, after)
• Marketing efforts
• Associated events (public races, Trail O Championships) and cooperation with the organisers of those events
• Comments from competitors and officials
• Sponsors and grant awards: contributions, feedback
• Finances
• Comments about the Rules, the Guidelines, the co-operation with the IOF and the IOF SEA
• Suggestions and ideas for coming Organisers and future WOCs

As an example, these were the section headings from the comprehensive report produced by the organisers of WOC 2008 in the Czech Republic:

1. Introduction
2. Results
3. Organising Committee
4. Workforce
5. Bulletins
6. WOC organisation
7. Training camps
8. Maps
9. Terrain and course planning
10. IT
11. Arenas
12. Spectators
13. TV coverage
14. Media
15. Ceremonies
16. Medical care
17. Doping tests
18. IOF Congress
19. IOF/VIP/Media race
20. The Orienteering Festival 2008
21. Control – Senior Event Adviser and National Controller
22. Publicity of WOC
23. Marketing
24. Financial Report
25. Recommendations


1. WOC Schedule
2. WOC 2008 event terrains and arenas
3. Overview of active participants
4. WOC 2008 Results
5. Example of planning and realising of TV coverage
6. Maps of arenas for the Final races

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